Sunday, 24 January 2016

Week 23 - Friday January 22

On February 4th at 9 am you are all invited to our Arts Festival! The children have been working hard to put all their ideas together and work as a team in order to come up with lots of creative ideas for our performance. You are also invited to visit the grade one pod after the performance to have a look at the art your child has made.

Please keep sending in any shoe boxes that you do not need. We will be using them to make Chinese New Year gift boxes for our elderly friends at Happy Lodge. 

Please have a look at your child’s reading log for a note about our current unit on Reader’s Theatre. The children have been practicing reading “like a storyteller”. 

In writing we have been learning about what an opinion is and how to express our opinions through writing. Ask your child if they agree or disagree with the following statement: “Cats make better pets than dogs.” The children have come up with many reasons to support why they agree or disagree! 

In math we have been learning about triangles as part of our ongoing unit on geometry and 3D shapes. The children used dot paper to draw different sizes of triangles which all had the same attributes of three straight sides and three vertices. Ask your child what they know about vertices. We also had a chance to play a shapes games with our friends from Ms. Newbigin's class. 

The children will be working on designing their Arts Festival t-shirts next week. Please can you send in a plain white t-shirt for Monday. We will also be working on a clay art installation. The children have been invited to bring in small items such as buttons, sticks, straws and ribbons to stick into their clay creation. 

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