Sunday, 19 June 2016

Friday June 17

During our last full week in Grade 1 LJe, we took a visit to the Chemistry lab. We were invited by Maddi's dad, Mr. Matt the Science Guy, to be scientists, do real experiments and to observe him performing some amazing chemical reactions that we will not soon forget! It was an incredible experience for the children to learn about chemical reactions and to see up front what they have to look forward to as they grow older and are able to take science classes themselves. We learned that chemical reactions often produce light and sound and are extremely fun to watch from a safe distance. Matt also set up his lab so that the children could do their own experiment exploring acids and bases and changing a liquid from a base to an acid and then to neutral (we learned that neutral is PH 7 - the same number as the children's ages) in order to pour it down the drain safely. Thank you so much, Matt, for taking the time to give the children this experience. It was definitely one of the highlights of our year and was so inspiring and exciting for all of us!

Continuing on with our investigation into sound, the children made their own instruments from recycled materials. They have been learning that sound is created from vibrations and they enjoyed collaborating and being creative with their designs. We ended the week with our LJe music concert. We enjoyed hearing each other play different instruments and talked about how it takes a lot of resilience to learn an instrument.

We also enjoyed a visit from Ms. Jenner and Emily!

Important Reminders

Please return any school books and library books that you might have at home. 

Monday June 20th: 1LJe End of Year Class Party (12:30 in the classroom)

Wednesday June 22nd: Last Day of School (half day: Dismissal is at 11:00am)

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