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Kids Up Front - Culture

In Grade 1, our 'Celebrations' Unit of Study now runs throughout the whole year. This gives us an exciting opportunity to learn all about the different celebrations and traditions going on around us.  I would love the children and families of 1LJe to have a chance to present an aspect of their culture at an appropriate time throughout the year.

This may take the form of a particular celebration from your culture or country, or it may be a story, a game or simply a tradition such as what they do when their teeth fall out (interestingly this varies from country to country).  Over the years I’ve seen Chinese lanterns for LNY, a marmite for L’Escalade, traditional games and dances from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. 

Please discuss and decide with your child what you would like teach the class.  Closer to the time you can finalise the details, for now just settle on a festival and a general date. Teaching might take the form of you and your child coming in and giving a 5 minute speech or a short presentation on keynote or powerpoint. Alternatively, it could involve half an hour of activities or a performance of a song or dance.

I have set aside Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 1.05 -1.40 for our Kids Up Front sessions ( I will only schedule 1 per week otherwise it gets very busy). Once you have decided what you would like to do please send me an e mail me and I will make sure there are no clashes or double ups with the timing. I will post all of the sign-ups on this page so that you can see what is coming up. 

I hope that everyone will get involved. It is a wonderful opportunity for parents to join us in the classroom and the children learn so much from each other.

Here are a few photographs from previous years......
Decorating eggs for Easter 

Learning the Tinikling Dance 
Making Rangoli Patterns at Diwali
Bonfire Night

sign up list 

Harrison - Wednesday 23rd September - Mid Autumn Festival

Maddi - Wednesday 27th January - Australia Day

Felix - Wednesday 3rd February - Valentine's Day

Conrad - Wednesday 24th February - Fastevlavn

Mahika - Wednesday 9th March - Holi

Milo - Thursday 17th March - St Patrick's Day

Milana - Wednesday 23rd March - Easter

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