Saturday, 5 March 2016

Friday March 4

A message from Jane Shearer (our music teacher): Grade 1 have been invited to sing at the family festival.  They will be singing two songs that we have worked on in the music lessons.  Parents have the option to sign their children up in the e-brief. 

Our PE teacher, Ms Thompson, has asked me to remind everyone about swimming on Monday and Friday. We have had a number of children forgetting their swim gear and not participating in this important component of the PE program. Please remember to bring your swim suit, towel, swim cap and goggles on PE days. 

Maths night - look for the information about Maths night in the eBrief. A chance for you and your child to solve problems and puzzles in a fun and active way!

Spirit Day is on Friday March 18. The theme is “Career Day”. The children have been invited to dress up as something they could be when they grow up. 

The children have been learning about Kuma Cambodia and are excited about working on a service project to help the Kuma community. This week we learned more about Kuma Cambodia by watching an interesting video about “A Day in the Life” of the children who attend Kuma School. We learned about their school and about their community. We talked about the similarities and differences between our lives and the lives of the children in the video.

Our non fiction reading and writing units are unfolding and we are learning how to distinguish the “main ideas” of each page that we read and write and which bits of information are “super important information” and which bits are just “nice to know”. Please ask your child what the topic is that they are writing about. Please ask them what sections they have decided to use in their “table of contents”.  
On Wednesday we travelled to the theatre to watch the Elephant and Piggie Show. It was a great follow up to our Reader’s Theatre and Arts Festival units. Please enjoy the video below with highlights from our excursion. 

In Math we have been revising our understanding of how addition and subtraction relate to each other. 

7+5=12   so  12-5=7

22+7=29  so  29-7=22

We have also been playing games to explore how to use strategies to figure out a missing addend. 

7+______=12  What strategy could I use to solve this? 

22+ _______= 29 What strategy could I use to solve this?

We have also been revising how to add and subtract by 10 using a hundreds chart. Ask your child if they can remember the strategy we can use to quickly add or subtract 10 from a number. 

The children enjoyed a visit to the grade 4&5 art room and did an art project with Mr. Betts. They explored using different shapes to create Picasso style art work. They also learned about shading and colour combinations. Please enjoy the video below.

And finally everyone’s favourite - Outdoor Play! The children have been doing a great job of including each other this week in their outdoor play. There were lots of games going on at recess including “cops and robbers", chasing and climbing. It’s great to see the children managing themselves outside and having lots of fun! 

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