Friday, 29 January 2016

Week 24 - Friday January 29

The children are all looking forward to seeing you at the Arts Festival performance this Thursday Feb 4th from 9:00 - 10:00. We would then like to invite you back to the grade 1 pod to view our art work. Below are two photos of our positions on the stage. you may want to use the photos to help you decide where to sit in order to have the best view of your child on stage. The first is our class position on the risers. The second is a grid of your child’s spot during our class performance. 

The children have worked hard on a t-shirt design for their Arts Festival t-shirt. They drew with fabric crayons and painted with fabric paints and are very proud of this piece of art. They have decided as a group that they will wear blue denim pants, shorts, skirts or jeggings for the performance. We discussed how it would not be necessary for the children to go out and buy anything new. If your child does not have any denim, then anything blue or black will be fine. The children have been very flexible in deciding this! Also, some children have offered to bring in an extra pair of denim shorts in case a friend does not own a pair already. Could you please send this in on Monday or Tuesday at the latest so that we are all ready for our dress rehearsal on Wednesday.

The children continue to develop their opinion writing pieces and this week we worked on a piece about where they think their favourite place in Singapore is as well as why they feel it is a fun place to visit. We have been working on using language such as “In my opinion”, “Firstly”, “Another reason I think this is”, and “In conclusion”.  We have also continued to work on our weekly word sorts.

In Math we have continued to explore spatial awareness and the children enjoyed using the app Pattern Shapes to discover how to combine two shapes to make a bigger shape. For example, two small triangles put together will make a rhombus! 

In Readers Theatre we have now begun practicing in front of the class and giving each other feedback on how to improve their performance. The advice the children have come up with for each other includes:

“read with expression” 

“read clearly”

“read loudly”

“read using a character’s voice” 

“read with feeling” 

This week we all enjoyed a fabulous “Kids Up Front” presentation by Maddi about Australia Day. The children learned about Australian animals, heard an Australian story and song and tried out some aboriginal dot art painting. And of course we all enjoyed the ANZAC buscuits! Well done Maddi! 

On Friday Feb 5th, to celebrate the end of Asian Arts and Culture Week, the children are invited to wear the colours of the Cambodian flag which are red, blue and white. 

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