Friday, 8 April 2016

Friday April 8

I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely holiday with their families. Mary and I are looking forward to seeing the children again on Monday! 

The children are going to start preparing for our book and bake sale. They have decided to organise posters to advertise the event and are welcome to start bringing in their gently used books which they no longer need. The children have been told that they must check with their parents as to which books they may bring from home for the sale. All the money that we raise will be used to support Kuma Cambodia’s Book Book Tuk Tuk.

We will also be starting a new unit called “Life Links”. In this unit we will investigate how animals survive in their habitats and how humans can have an impact on animal habitats. 

Before the break the children were exploring both repeating and growing patterns and learning how to create and describe these types of patterns. We have come to the end of our non-fiction reading and writing units and are completing the finishing touches in our information books. 

As always the children did a wonderful job preparing for our excursion to Happy Lodge and visiting with the residents. They enjoyed playing “Easter Bingo” with our Happy Lodge friends. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who were able to come along on our Happy Lodge visits last term. 

And finally, thank you to Milana and her parents and their bunny named “Chocolate” for a fun and interesting Kids Up Front presentation about Easter. The children were delighted to decorate Easter eggs and to meet a real rabbit! 

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