Saturday, 12 March 2016

Friday March 11

Congratulations to Ms. Jenner who who gave birth to a baby daughter on Monday night. The children were very excited to learn about the baby on Tuesday morning and together came up with the name Eclipsia to suggest to Ms. Jenner. On Wednesday we were delighted to see a photo of the beautiful baby and learn that her name is Emily Rae. 

There are two workshops coming up that parents are welcome to sign up for. Information on how to sign up is in the e-brief.

Writing Workshop - March 22 led by our Literacy coach, Olivia White
Number Talks - May 3 led by our Math coach, Nicole Tripp

The swimming unit is finished. The children will begin a new unit in PE this week called “Striking”. 

Please could you send the Happy Lodge permission slip back to school if you have not already done so. We are in need of some parent volunteers to support this excursion. If you are available we would appreciate your participation. Thank you!

This week we enjoyed learning about Holi, an important Indian Festival, from Mahika and her parents. The children learned about why people celebrate Holi and what they do to celebrate. They had lots of fun “playing” Holi with coloured paper instead of coloured powder, making Holi cards and trying a traditional snack. Well done, Mahika! 

Well done to Felix who participated in “noon tunes”. Felix did a wonderful job of playing the piano in front of an audience.

This week we were treated to a visit by author Katie Van Camp. She told us about how she wrote the Harry and Horsie stories. She read to us from her books and answered the children’s questions. 

We also visited the “Opening Eyes” photography exhibit. The children looked at all the photos and shared with each other their three favourite ones. Some of the children are excited to enter the contest themselves next year! 

This week the children learned more about Kuma Cambodia’s Book Book Tuk Tuk and their Village Clean Up. These are two of the projects that we are going to try and support during our “Service Begins With Me” unit. The children worked together to come up with suggestions on how we could help Kuma buy books for their mobile library. Some of the children suggested that we give them some of our books from home that we are not using anymore. However we soon discovered that books are very heavy and expensive to ship to Cambodia. The children then suggested we could have a book sale and sell our old books to raise money for Kuma to buy books for their Book Book Tuk Tuk. Some of the children also suggested a bake sale. We will keep you informed as to our plans for hosting our book and bake sale as they evolve. The children also came up with suggestions on how to help the villages around Kuma with their “Village Clean Up” efforts. 

The suggestions included:

“Build a garbage truck”
“We can sell books that we wrote”
“We can sell toys that we don’t need”
“We can send them designs for a trash machine”
“Make a big sign for the Book Book Tuk Tuk”
“Let’s recycle instead of trash”
“Give them a shovel to dig a big hole to put their trash in”
“Give them art and toys”
“Sell our art”
“Sell our old books that we don’t need to other people”
“Lemonade stand”
“Ice cream stand”
“Baking and book sale”
“Design a machine that picks up garbage”
“Make posters for the Village Clean Up”
“Make a recycling centre”
“Sell books to raise books”
“Garage sale”
“Make a garbage collecting schedule”
“Book sale”
“Give them brooms and grabbing arms to pick up trash”
“Make a hole in the ground for the trash”
“Make art out of the rubbish”

Enjoy the photos of our week!

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