Saturday, 27 February 2016

Friday February 26

Another busy week of learning for Grade 1 LJe. On Monday we were busy “Shoebox Shopping”. The children were given a shopping list of things to “buy” for their box along with tokens to spend. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who acted as “shopkeepers”. 
The children also painted wrapping paper for their boxes. Our Grade 5 buddies came to our classroom to help us wrap the shoeboxes so they would be ready for the residents at Happy Lodge. On Wednesday we boarded the bus with our wrapped presents and were on our way to Happy Lodge. We entertained the residents with songs, a dance and a poem. They were very appreciative and gave us lots of applause. The children all reflected on how making the residents at Happy Lodge so happy had also made them feel happy. It was a wonderful afternoon. 
We also celebrated International Mother Language Day. The children participated in activities set up outside the library in which they tried to learn how to say colours in different languages. Thank you to the parent volunteers who ran all the different language stalls. 
We were invited to visit Grade 2 this week as they were preparing for their “Wax Museum”. The children were impressed with how the Grade 2 students had learned so much about an explorer and how some of them had even memorised their speech! It was fun for the Grade 1 students to have a peek at something they will be taking part in next year. 
We have begun our non-fiction reading and writing unit. This week all of the children were able to log on to MyOn using their username and password which is in their reading logs. This is a great resource especially for non-fiction books. Ask your child what topic they have decided to write their own book about. 
What a treat it was to learn from Conrad and his mom and dad about the festival from Denmark called Fastelavn. Ask your child what they made in order to celebrate the King and Queen of Cats!
And finally, our Arts Festival video has been downloaded to the school’s Vimeo channel and is available to view by following this link. Enjoy! 

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