Saturday, 9 January 2016

Week 21 in 1LJe

Welcome to 2016! We hope that everyone had a lovely break whether you travelled overseas or stayed in Singapore. On Monday we enjoyed sharing the highlights of our holidays during "What's News?". It definitely sounded like everyone had a great time.

1LJe have had an action packed first week. The children were very excited to start our new Unit of Study, "Arts Festival". We started thinking about what it means to be creative and shared our ideas through a whole class mind map. Can you tell your parents about different ways that you show your creativity? How are we demonstrating creativity in the photographs below?

This week we finished our unit on Addition and Subtraction. Our next unit is "Geometry". Throughout this unit we will explore the attributes of 2D shapes. When you are at home or out and about have a look at the shapes in your environment. Which shapes can you see? Are some more common than others? Do you have a favourite shape? Discuss your ideas with your family.

We also started our new unit, "Opinion Writing".  We read a number of fantastic picture books to get us talking about and justifying our opinions. One of the books that we read was "A Fine, Fine School" by Sharon Creech. This book explored the idea of going to school on weekends and even during the holidays! Do you think this is a good idea? Can you give good reasons to support your opinion? What do the rest of your family think?

Upcoming Dates and Reminders
Wednesday 13th January - PD day for teachers (no school for children)
Grade 1 Arts Festival - Thursday 4th February (9 am in the auditorium)
Fresh Fruit Friday -  please bring in an apple or an orange (every Friday)
We still need shoeboxes for an upcoming Service initiative 
Please return your child's Portfolio if you haven't already

Have a great weekend everyone,
Leigh and Mary :)

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