Thursday, 26 November 2015

Week 15 in 1LJe

Our week started off with a visit to the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. We visited different parts of the hospital including the Vegetable Garden and the Intensive Care Unit. Can you explain to your parents how the patients are cared for here? What are the staff at the hospital doing to encourage visitors and patients to make healthy choices?

This week we have continued with our investigations and research about the body. We thought about different activities that we can do to keep our heart healthy. We even made some 'blood' together! Can you tell your parents some of the new things that you have found out? Perhaps you could share some tips about making healthy choices........

In Word Study we played games to learn more about our word families. We showed creativity when we thought of new words that matched our patterns.

In Reading Workshop, our new unit is well underway. We used the anchor chart below to really think and talk about our books. Explain to your parents how the chart works. As you read together at home, share with your parents things that interest you, surprise you, or make you laugh. Can you create some of your own 'thinkmarks' to share with the class next week?

On Wednesday we had our second visit to Happy Lodge. We spent time the residents in their rooms and played lots of games with them. Share your thinking about our trip to Happy Lodge with your parents. What did you enjoy most about our visit? What  sort of activities would you like to do with the residents in the future? 

On Thursday we had a wonderful time visiting the Boarding House. Our buddy Lesian was kind enough to give us a very informative tour of the facilities. We saw where the boarders eat, sleep, relax and do their laundry! What was your favourite part of the tour? Tell your parents about something surprising or interesting that you saw. Can you explain where we are in all of the photographs below?

Upcoming Dates and Reminders
Visit to Happy Lodge - Wednesday 2nd December (Happy Lodge residents visit UWC on Tuesday 8th December)
UN Day - Thursday 3rd December (start thinking about your outfit - this could be national dress or you could wear the colours of the flag of a country that is important to you)
Parent Teacher Conferences - Wednesday 9th December (no school for Infant children)
Last Day of Term 1 - Friday 11th December (Infants finish at 11am)
Fresh Fruit Friday -  please bring in an apple or an orange (every Friday)

UN Day - 1LJe will be performing at 9.00. Please meet us afterwards by the cafe in the Main Plaza for hugs, congratulations and photos! The children will then go with their Grade 5 Buddies to go to the Food Festival.

The Giving Tree - In the lead up to the holiday period we would love the children to take some time to think about others in our local community and support a worthy charity, Toys From The Heart. 

Toys From The Heart provides toys to needy children in Singapore for their birthdays and other cultural festivals. From the 1st-9th December the children can donate one of their pre-loved toys to this project. Toys should be clean and in good working order with all of their pieces. They do not need to be gift wrapped. This is an entirely optional opportunity but it would be fantastic if 1LJe could be involved. More information can be found in the Grade 1 Announcements.

Happy Lodge - We still have space for a volunteer for our visit to Happy Lodge next week. Please let us know if you can join us.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Leigh and Mary

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