Thursday, 1 October 2015

Week 7 in 1LJe

The haze may have been keeping us in during break times but we still had an action packed week in 1LJe!

On Tuesday, we began our Measurement unit in Mathematics. We measured different objects around the room using a range of items including cubes, ribbon, paper clips and counters. There are many measurement questions that we are keen to find answers to. Talk to your parents about some of our favourite questions and see what you can find out.

1. What did people measure with in the past? 
2. How can we measure tall buildings? 
3. Is a mile longer than a kilometre?

In Reading Workshop we have been developing our partner conversations. We enjoy talking about the books that we are reading.

In Writing Workshop, we have continued to focus on developing our story writing. We have been helping each other to improve our stories by adding dialogue, emotion and action. 

On Thursday, our Grade 5 buddies came to see us. We loved sharing our books with them. Check out the album below to find out more......

Upcoming Events:
Monday 5th October - Service Day
Friday 9th October - Break up for the holidays (Infants finish at 2pm as normal) 

Have a great weekend,

Miss J and Miss Mary

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