Thursday, 10 September 2015

Week 4 in 1LJe

One of the first fantastic events of the week was the Grade 1 Assembly. This was particularly exciting for 1LJe as the whole grade celebrated a special birthday for our lovely Teaching Assistant, Miss Mary.

This week we continued to think about the roles people have in different communities. Can you tell your parents about some of the people who help us in our local community? What responsibilities do different people have?

We have been using our calendar to do lots of fantastic work in Mathematics. As well as learning facts about the different months of the year, we have used it for counting and addition. Do you have a calendar at home? Perhaps you could mark the dates of special events that are coming up. This could include birthdays, school trips and holidays. Throughout the week we have also played lots of different games to help us with counting, comparing and visualising numbers.

                                             More photographs from week 4.......

Today we added another poem to our Poetry Anthology. Spend some time over the weekend enjoying these poems with your family. Perhaps you could perform a poem using actions and expression. Alternatively, you could create a painting or a drawing to go with it. 

Please add your favourite poems to the anthology. You could share these with the class next week.

Upcoming Events
Swimming starts next week - Monday 14th September
Forest Adventure - Thursday 17th September

Have a lovely long weekend everyone. Enjoy the extra day off!
Miss J and Miss Mary

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